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Admission news on imsu supplementary form

🔹Why All Prospective Students  Should Purchase The Suppplementary form.

        ➖Things to consider for supplementary admission.➖

1…. To get admission to there preferred course.

2….To stake there chances of getting admission.

3….To get admission through there supplementary course.

4….To be sure of there admission even it’s there supplementary courses.

 Things to consider for supplementary admission.

……Must have 180 in jamb.

……. Must have five credits in 0 level results.

……The supplementary form deadline has not been announced but as stipulated to close on 7th October.

…….Buying the supplementary form doesn’t mean that you won’t get your desired course,  we advice all aspirant to buy and be sure of your admission.

……Dont buy or purchase your supplementary form any were beware of touts. We are imsugreats a preferred news outlets in imsu. Contact or call IMSU GOOGLE for your supplementary form we work directly with Imsu cbt center<08104502529>.

…..All prospective students are notify to purchase the supplementary form even thou there preferred course are not stated.

…..The supplementary admission will be out a month after closing of the supplementary form. Which all aspirants are notify to keep checking there jamb caps and Imsu admission status checker.

….Those who did not participate in the post utme are not eligible for the supplementary form.

…..The supplementary form serves as the University second mode of admission which has both the predegree and direct entry candidates on the admission list.

……It is the last admission released by the University and sometimes comes out late because of more publication of names in the list.

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