This is all about the past questions for the Imo State University (IMSU).

Are you an aspiring IMSU candidate? Do you wish to partake in the upcoming PUTME examination? Then you need to arm yourself, there are various ways to do that.

Over the years, we’ve received SMS & call from aspiring candidates for past questions and answers, not only that, we’ve also received lots of testimonies from aspirants-turn-students of the tremendous role past questions played in their gaining admission.

Download IMSU Post UTME Past Questions for free below.

There are so many reasons why you need Version of
IMSU Past Question and answers and why you need it now.
1. IMSU IS COMPETITIVE : If you don’t already know, Imo
State University is one of the best state  Universities in
Nigeria and as such, a lot of people apply to study there
each year.
A lot of people apply to study there and only few admission
spaces or slots of about 6000 to 9000 are available out of
75000 people that apply for it; This makes IMSU very
competitive and very hard to gain admiss,,        ,)1ion into.
So to increase your chances of gaining admission, you
need to start preparing for IMSU Post UTME screening/post it means right
You can do that by studying their past questions to see how
they questions look like and the kind of question they ask.
2. High JAMB Score Will Not Guarantee You Admission Into
IMSU : Do you know that Some People who Scored above
300 in Jamb this year may end up not getting admission
into Imo State University? You may want to doubt it but it’s
Why do we say so?
This is because, Admission is not guaranteed by Jamb
score alone in any University but by a combination of JAMB
score and POST-UTME.
For example : The requirement in the Imo State University
(IMSU) is that any candidate that will be considered for
admission into the University must have scored 200 in
JAMB and at least 50% in the Post-Utme examination
before the JAMB and Post utme score of the person will be
added to check if the person has passed the cut off mark
for the course of choice.
So, even if a candidate score 350 in JAMB and is unable to
score 50% and above in IMSU Post Utme ; The person will
not be considered for admission.
So for those who scored high in Jamb to be able to gain
admission,he or she must also score high in IMSU Post-

Question Paper for:
 Faculty of Engineering
: Shade the supplied OMR sheet with the correct answer in all required fields. Any Candidate with double OMR will be disqualified
Day 1:
Afternoon Session 12-3 pm
 Time Allowed:
45 Minutes

1. Dimension of absolute viscosity is?
 A. ML
 C. ML

2. Turbulent flow generally occurs for cases involving A. highly viscous fluid B very narrow passages C. very slow motion D. none of these
3. Forces acting on a particle setting in fluid are Forces? A. gravitational and buoyant B. centrifugal and buoyant C. gravitational or centrifugal buoyant drag D. external, drag and viscous
4. Which of the following equations applies at terminal velocity? A. Mg -V-U= 1 B. Mg-V- U = O C. V+ mg-U = Ma D. U Ma+Mg=0
 5. Which of the following is not a high viscous fluid? A. kerosene B. glue C grease D. glycerine
 6. Mercury is an ideal barometric fluid mainly due to it’s? A. High density B. low compressibility C. low capillary action D. very low vapor pressure
7. Dimension of surface tension is? A FL
 B. F
L C. F.L
D. F
8. Which of the following has the smallest least effect on the solubility of a solute into the solvent? A nature of the solute B. nature of the solvent C. temperature D. pressure
 9. Vapor pressure of water at 100C is about….. bar? A. 0.1013 B. 1.013 C.10.13 D. 1013
10. Which of the following is insensitive to changes in pressure? A. heat of vaporization B. melting point C. heat of fusion D. both B and C
11. If w is the mode and z is the median of the following set of numbers 2,4,2,1,1,6,2,6,3,7,2,1 and 2 ,8. Then (3w, 2z) is A. (2,6,2,5) B. (2,1,2,5), C. (2,8,50) D. (6,2,5,0)
12. A trapezium has two parallel sides of length 6cm and 8cm. if the area is 42 cm find the distance  between the –parallel sides A. 6cm B.7cm C.8cm D.5cm
13. An arc of a circle of length 22 cm subtends an angle of 37 at the centre of the circle. Find the value of y , if the radius of the circles 7cm A. 30° B.60° C. 120° D. 150° 14. Find the locus of a point which moves such that its distance from the line y = 3 is a constant k. A. y=3 +k B. y = 3-k C.y=3 + k D. y = k-3
15. From the following list of types of mutation, identify the one that is hereditary A. genetic mutation B. somatic mutation C. germinal mutation D. gametic mutation
16. Which of these would not be a limiting factor in photosynthesis? A. O
 B. CO
 C. Chlorophyll D. light

Question Paper for:
 Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine
: Shade the supplied OMR sheet with the correct answer in all required fields. Any Candidate with double OMR will be disqualified
Day 3:
Afternoon Session 12-3 pm
 Time Allowed:
45 Minutes

1. The messenger ….. home until his boss leaves. A. dare not went B. dare not go C. dare not go D. dare not going.
 2, Ogechi did not behave…… her parents wishes. A. with accordance to B. in accordance about C. with accordance D. in accordance with.
3. Are you keen joining me in this venture? A. at B. in C. on D. about
 4. Do you notice John and Comfort glancing at A. themselves B. The other C. each other D.theirselves.
 5. The corrupt bank manager was arrested and convicted A. on the long run B. at the long run C. in the long run D. after the long run
6. Adequate cross ventilation should be provided in the kitchen in order to A. enhance the development of high humidity B. enhance development of undesirable odour C. enhances conducive temperature in the kitchen D. enhance heat generated during cooking process.
7. People recovering from sickness are called A. invalid B. aging C. convalescent D. vegetables
8. Adolescents are people between the age range ….. of ….. to A. 5 to 12 B. 0 to 11 C. 20 to 30 D. 11 to 20
9. The international unit of energy is A. kilo calorie (kcal) B.kilogramme C. gramme D. joule
10. The digestion of all food starts in ….. A. stomach B. mouth C. small intestine D. oesophagus

11. If w is the mode and z is the median of the following set of numbers 2,4,2,1,1,6,2,6,3,7,2,1 and 2,8. Then (3w, 2z) is A. (2,6,2,5) B. (2,1,2,5), C. (2,8,50) D. (6,2,5,0)
12. A trapezium has two parallel sides of length 6cm and 8cm. if the area is 42 cm find the distance between the –parallel sidesA. 6cm B.7cm C.8cm D.5cm
13. An arc of a circle of length 22 cm subtends an angle of 37 at the centre of the circle.Find the value of y , if the radius of the circles 7cmA. 30° B.60° C. 120° D. 150°
14. Find the locus of a point which moves such that its distance from the line y = 3 is a constant k.A. y=3 +k B. y = 3-k C.y=3 + k D. y = k-3
15. From the following list of types of mutation, identify the one that is hereditaryA. genetic mutation B. somatic mutationC. germinal mutation D. gametic mutation
16. Which of these would not be a limiting factor in photosynthesis?A. O
 B. CO
 C. Chlorophyll D. light

Question Paper for:
 Faculty of Humanities, Education Igbo, Education French etc
: Shade the supplied OMR sheet with the correct answer in all required fields. Any Candidate with double OMR will be disqualified
Day 1:
Afternoon Session 12-3 pm
 Time Allowed:
45 Minutes

1. Nsibidi was a writing system found among the A. Igbo B. Hausa C. Kaabari D. Ijaw
2. The ancestor of the Yoruba people according to a popular tradition was ` A. Oramiyan B. Obatala C. Osanobua D. Oduduwa
 3. Among the Efik, the most important society was A. Obong B. Ekpe C. Ekpo D. Ibang
 4. One of the following was not a currency in pre-colonial Nigeria A. paper money B. cowry C. Mannillas D.Bon rods
 5. The most warlike state in Hausa land on the eve of the outbreak of the Jihad was A. Kano B. Zamfara C. Gabir D. Kebbi
6. Three kilometres…….quite a long distance A. are B. have been C. is D. were
7. If 2x + y =20, find the value of y. A. 10 B.4 C. 44 D.-4
 8. A man brought second hand photocopy machine for #34,000. He serviced it at a cost of #2,00 and then sold it at a 15%. What was the selling price? A. #37, 550 B.#40,400 C. #41,400 D.#42,400
9. Express 123456 to 3 significant figures: A. 123000 B. 124000 C. 125000 D. 126000
10. Calculate the simple interest on #7500 for 8 years at 5% per annum. A. #3000 B. #600 C.#300 D.#150
11. A bookseller sells mathematics and English books. If 30 customers buy mathematics books, 20 customers buy English books and 10 customers buy the two books, how many customers has he altogether? A. 30 B.40 C. 50 D.60
12. The teacher, as well as his students…. Working very hard A. is- B. have been C. are D. were
 13. My mother remarked that it was high time we preparing the supper. A were starting B. had started C. started D. should start

Faculty of Social Sciences

: Shade the supplied OMR sheet with the correct answer in all required fields. Any Candidate with double OMR will be disqualified
Day 2:
Afternoon Session 12-3 pm
 Time Allowed:
45 Minutes

1. The decision taken by the panel is irrevocable A. irreversible B. unexpected C. acceptable D. irresponsible
2. Death is inevitable for man A. unavoidable B. essential C. necessary D. immortal
3. The superintendent was appalled by the attitude of some of the employees towards their work A. annoyed B. disappointed C. shocked D. provoked
4. The lawyer’s argument of the case was exhaustive A. interesting B. exaggerating C. exhilarating D. thorough
5. The suspect was made to walk in front of the anxious crowd A. surprised B. astonished C. engrossed D. curious
6. The principal’s orders are imperative A. lenient B. authoritative C. Genuine D. unnecessary
7. She tried to settle the quarrel but the man remained obstinate to listen to her. A. offensive B. Angry C. stubborn D. unstable 8. Okon attempted to entice Eno with the promise of a handsome sum of money. A. deceive B. enchant C. force D. trick
 9. Despite their newness on the job, the workers were remunerated rather handsomely. This means that A. the sum paid was poor B. those paid were handsome in appearance C. the system of payment was quite attractive D. the sum paid out was quite attractive
10. The plan to upgrade the dispensary to a general hospital did not materialize. This means that A. A. the arrangement did not work out as wished B. the plan was badly executed C. it was difficult to obtain the materials D. the materials purchased were not the right ones.
11. Cost of sales ratio to ending inventory is A. 7:3:1 B. 8:3:1 C.9:4:1 D.7:4:1
12. Partner with influential status only is A active B. enlightened C. social D. nominal
13 is the distribution of goods and services A. commerce B. economics C. distribution D. transport
14. Foreign trade includes all except A.external B. international C. trade between nations D. national
15. Bulk purchasing of raw material and finished goods from the producer refers to A. wholesales trade B. bulk purchasing C. discount purchase D. large purchase
16. are services rendered to the members of the public? A. occupation driving C. teaching D. business
17. Small scale retailers includes the following except A. road side trader’s B. market traders C. supermarket D. urban stores
18. A Store that is owned and controlled by a single firm is A. chain store B. Supermarket C. departmental D. large store 19. Factors considered in setting up a retail business include the following A. Capital requirement B. source of supplies C. type of goods D. all of the above
20. The study of economics is necessitated by A. opportunity cost B. wants C. scarcity D. choice
21. A student measures apiece of rope and found that it was 1,26 long. If the actual length of the rope was 1,25m, what was the percentage error in the measurement? A. 0.40% B. 0.01% C. 0.25% D.0.80%
 22. At what rate will the newspaper readers, 40 read IMSU Newspaper and 30 read IMOPOLY  Newspaper, how many read both papers? A. 15 B. 5 C. 10 D.20
23. In a survey of 50 newspaper readers, 40 read IMSU newspaper and 30 read IMOPOLY  Newspaper, how many read both papers? A. 15 B.5 C. 10 D.20
24. If y varies directly as the square root of x and y = 3, when x = 16. Calculate y when x = 64. A. 5 B. 12 C.6 D.3

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