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*In line with the preparation for a credible election, We write to bring to your notice on the current changes and adjustment..*

*1. All levels are eligible voters from 100lv to 600lv..*

*2. Those who are currently in 100lv and those who are currently in Final years are not qualify to contest for any Position..*

*3. Sales of forms are still on going, all interested aspirant are advised to meet with their faculty Representative..*

4. *Prices of forms*
*President -15,000*
*Vice President- 12,000*
*Vice President External – 12,00*
*Secretary General- 12,000*
*Directorate of Finance-10,000*
*Dir of Socials -10,000*
*Dir of Health -8,000*
*Dir of Sports – 8,000*
*Dir of Information -8 000*
*Dir of Environment -8,000*
*Dir of Transportation – 8000*
*Dir of Welfare – 8,000*
*Treasurer – 8,000*
*ASG -8,000*
*Dir of Social2 -8000*
*Senatorial Forms -5000*
*Judiciary Forms – 5000*

*5. All aspirants are advised to sensitize their supporters on the need to purchase their Student I.D Card, because this election will be E-voting.*
*No I.D CARD No Vote*

*6. Sales of Forms Started on 12th of April 2023, due to the adjustment, there is an extension in the deadline…*

*Close of Forms 29th of April.*

*7. All interested Aspirants are directed to meet with there Faculty Representative to pick the form.*

*8. All Students who are not in there 100lv or Final year are qualified to contest for any position..*

*9. Submittion of forms end on 29th April.*

*10. Screening’s commence on 1st May – 15th May.*

*11. Campaign Starts on 16th May – 1st June..*

*This process will last for 2 weeks..*

*Note: No aspirant is expected to campaign before the said date…*

*12. Manifesto to hold on 2nd of June 2023..*

*13. Election to hold on 5th June..*

*Note: The election is coming this semester which is (2021/2022) Academic Session…*

*Good luck to all the aspirants..*

*Thanks as you corporate with us..*

*Comr Emeruem Winner* *Chikadibia*
*(Uneco Chairman)*

*Comr Nkwocha Glory Amarachi*
*(Uneco Secretary)*

*Comr Elite Chukwuocha Obinna.C*

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